Search Committee


  • Chair: Eva Tansky Blum (A&S '70, LAW '73), trustee
  • Vice Chair: Anantha Shekhar (Vice Chair), senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine

Committee Members

  • SaLisa Berrien (ENGR ’91), trustee
  • Timothy Billiar, executive vice president and chief scientific officer at UPMC and George Vance Foster Professor and Chair in the Department of Surgery
  • Kenyon Bonner, vice provost for student affairs
  • Bruce Childers, dean of the School of Computing and Information
  • Vaughn Clagette (A&S ’89), trustee
  • James Covert (A&S ’91), trustee
  • Lawrence Feick, interim associate dean of the College of Business Administration and professor in the Katz Graduate School of Business
  • Danielle Floyd, president of the Student Government Board
  • Nicola Foote, dean of the David C. Frederick Honors College
  • Sarah Gaffen, Gerald P. Rodnan Professor in the Division of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
  • John Gismondi (A&S ’75), trustee
  • Jeffrey Guterman, professor and division chair of communication and the arts at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
  • Patricia Horoho (NURS ’92), trustee
  • Christine Jackson, executive director of personnel and operations in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Larry Merlo (PHARM ’78), trustee
  • Debora Miller, vice dean of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Varbi Mridha, vice president for finance for the Graduate and Professional Student Government
  • Valerie Njie (EDUC ’71), trustee
  • Lara Putnam, professor in the Department of History, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences
  • Bryan Salesky (ENGR ’02), trustee
  • Hari Sastry, senior vice chancellor and chief financial officer
  • Amy Seybert, dean of the School of Pharmacy
  • Jem Spectar, president of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
  • Peter Varischetti (CGS ’92), trustee

Staff to the Committee

  • Geovette Washington, senior vice chancellor and chief legal officer
  • Stacey Czerniejewski, executive assistant