Executive Committee

Mission Statement

As a committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh and as prescribed in the Bylaws of the University, the Executive Committee shall have and may exercise, at all times when the Board is not in session, all the power and authority of the Board and other committees of the Board with respect to the affairs of the University. The Executive Committee shall not have the authority to fill vacancies on the Board or the Executive Committee, elect or remove officers, amend the Bylaws or any resolution of the Board, unless specifically authorized by such resolution, take any action on matters committed by the Bylaws or resolution of the Board solely to another committee of the Board, or take action on any matters vested solely in the Board as specified by law.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson; the Vice Chairperson(s) and the Chairperson-Elect (unless such offices are vacant); the Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer; and the Chairperson of each Standing Committee of the Board.

Liaison to the Committee

Rosalyn E. Jones (Vice Chancellor and Secretary of the Board of Trustees)

Committee Chairperson

Douglas M. Browning (Chairperson, Board of Trustees)