Investment Committee

Mission Statement

As a committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh, the Investment Committee shall provide general oversight, policy guidance and performance review of the consolidated investment pool of the University of Pittsburgh Endowment Fund (commonly referred to as the "Consolidated Endowment Fund" or "CEF"). The Committee shall assist the Chief Investment Officer ("CIO") and Treasurer in establishing overall investment objectives, investment policies and spending policies applicable to the CEF, as well as providing guidance to the CIO regarding investment guidelines in furtherance of those policies. Upon advice and recommendation of the CIO and others, the Investment Committee shall approve the Asset Allocation Policy and the Spending Policy applicable to the CEF.

The Committee shall review the selection of investment professionals and monitor the management of the CEF portfolio for adherence to established policies and for meeting performance objectives over time. The Committee will periodically report to the Board on the Committee's activities and on the performance of the CEF.

The committee has approved a Statement of Governance for Pitt's Consolidated Endowment Fund

Liaison to the Committee

Jeffer Choudhry (Chief Investment Officer)

Committee Chairperson

Louis Cestello