Research and Innovation Committee

Mission Statement

As a committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh, the Research and Innovation Committee shall have general oversight for the University’s research and innovation activities in support of the University’s mission and strategic priorities to enhance human understanding, improve health, spur innovation, and stimulate economic growth.

The Committee provides advice pertaining to University policies, plans, programs, and initiatives for advancing basic, applied and clinical research; technology transfer; faculty and student entrepreneurship; external research funding; and research compliance and training programs.

Additionally, the Committee shall have oversight responsibility for the University’s research partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions, corporations and foundations, industry organizations, governmental entities, and other third parties; affiliations with hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and other organizations involved in health care; community-based research, training and service activities; and economic development efforts.


Liaison to the Committee

Rob A. Rutenbar (Senior Vice Chancellor for Research)

Committee Chairperson

Vaughn S. Clagette