Athletics Committee

Mission Statement

As a committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh, the Athletics Committee has governance responsibilities for and general oversight of the University’s intercollegiate athletics program (Program). The Athletics Committee, in exercising its governance and oversight responsibilities, shall review and provide guidance on matters of strategic importance pertaining to the Program, including, but not limited to:

  • Operation of the Program consistent with the University’s academic mission;
  • Health, safety, and overall welfare of student-athletes, both on and off the field;
  • Success of student-athletes, including life after college;
  • Program quality and competitiveness for all campuses – with the Pittsburgh campus successfully competing at the highest level of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I-A and especially among the Power 5 Conferences;
  • Equity of opportunities for participation of student-athletes and employment for coaches, trainers, and staff;
  • Planning, including assessments relating to: (i) the addition, modification, or discontinuation of individual sports programs, and (ii) the construction and renovation of athletic facilities;
  • Athletic conference participation;
  • Compliance with NCAA (or other applicable organization) and Conference rules and regulations, University policies, and applicable federal and state laws; and
  • Budgetary requirements and performance of the Program.

The Committee provides advice pertaining to policies, plans, programs, and initiatives for advancing the Program. The Board has delegated responsibility for the administration of the Program to the Chancellor.

The Committee will report regularly to the Board on the activities and operations of the Program, and the Committee shall make recommendations on matters such as funding or facilities that may require consideration and approval by other committee(s) of the Board or by the Board.

Liaison to the Committee

Heather Lyke (Director of Athletics)

Committee Chairperson

James P. Covert